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    Introducing: VlogMike!


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    Introducing: VlogMike!

    Post  VlogMike on Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:30 am

    Hi All!!

    My name is Mike, and I go by the YouTube alias..."VlogMike". I am a 'casual vlogger'...meaning I tried vlogging EVERY day...but I found the topic of conversation was often poor! (I was quite simply running out of things to talk about!). I now vlog whenever I have the urge, or think of something substantial to talk about. I think the style of my vlogs can probably be deemed as being 'weird'..but I am weird. It's no secret...I like being weird, and I love to do weird things on the camera...especially if it makes people laugh!

    Anyway, in summary of myself...I'm 23, and work full time...I don't really have many hobbies other than vlogging to be honest!

    Oh yeah, I'm also the owner of the SmallTubers Forum site; DeanSearle and Bestology are the founders of the SmallTubers Facebook page, where the idea of this forum site came from - most of the credit should go to them!

    If you want to find me on YouTube, please visit - I'd really appreciate it if you subscribed!

    And one more thing....Welcome to the SmallTubers Forum!


    PS, Find me here:

    Find me on Facebook!

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